Software Implementation & Migration

Data Cloud

Are you using excel, sage, or some other outdated accounting method? Maybe it is time to consider an upgrade.

Why would I need to upgrade my accounting system? If you have never heard of "Bank Feeds" before, you are in for a surprise. Bank Feeds allow the accounting software to connect to your bank accounts and automatically download transactions on a regular basis. This means you no longer need to manually enter each transaction.

Migrating accounting systems can be difficult. You must ensure opening balances are correct, invoices or bills are moved over and not double counted, and the system is configured correctly. 

What are some of the other features of moving to a cloud accounting platform?

  • Accepting credit card payments from customers without having to handle the payments

  • Automatic reminders to clients that invoices are due

  • Ability to store receipts electronically

  • Automated matching of receipts to transactions

  • No need to update software or move license from one computer to another, everything is cloud based

  • Categorization rules allow the system to automate the classification of expenses, cutting down on time it takes to complete the bookkeeping

  • Ability to E-file some tax slips

  • Online timesheets that employees can use on a desktop or mobile device