We take care of all of your day-to-day bookkeeping needs


Please ask us about your personal and business tax needs.


We will ensure that your GST return is filed & paid on time. 


We also do business incorporations.



Whether you are big or small, we bookkeep for all! Regardless of how much or little  you have been doing in the past, rest assured we will ensure your bookkeeping is done properly going forward.

Bookkeeping can be a hassle if you don't do it everyday. You have to remember how to login to your software, how you record certain transactions, and how to reconcile your bank accounts. We remove the hassle. We make it easy for you. 

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What do you need to provide?

Our goal is to make your life simple. There are only two things we need from you:

  • Bank Statements

  • Receipts

We will provide you will envelopes that are pre-addressed and have postage so you can easily mail us your bank statements and receipts. 

We also have a receipt drop off location in south Edmonton. We also accept scanned receipts and bank statements by email. 



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Financial Reports

Whether you need a bank loan or want to understand your business better, Edmonton Bookkeeping provides you with accurate and understandable financial statements. We provide monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements for your business.



If you are a small business, payroll can be a hassle. We take care of your payroll for you. 

  • Remit payment to employee

  • Send paystubs to employee

  • Remit source deductions to CRA

  • File T4s

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We would be happy to refer you to a reputable CPA firm for all of your tax needs including:

  • Filing T1 Personal Returns

  • Filing T2 Business Returns

  • Filing T5 Dividend Income Slips

  • Filing T4 Employment Income Slips



Most small businesses are required to collect and pay GST. Unsure if you need to register for PST? Contact us!

Many businesses don't record GST properly. We ensure GST is recorded accurately and filed on time. 

If you are a small business, it may be beneficial to file your GST using the Quick Method of GST rather than the standard method. Please contact us for your free consultation. 

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Looking to start a business? Perhaps you own a sole proprietor business and now want to incorporate? 


You have come to the right place!

We take care of filing the Articles of Incorporation, Notice of Address and Notice of Directors forms for you. We all will register the appropriate CRA tax accounts for your business. 

We provide you a complete incorporation package so you can start your business!